10 uncommon common courtesies

//10 uncommon common courtesies

10 uncommon common courtesies

10 UNcommon Common Courtesies

Are you a parent?   Do you feel like a great day is, kids are fed, alive, and clothed (clean clothes are a bonus)?  We get it.   Completely.

Recently, we got to thinking (dangerous, I know), and some of the things our parents taught us, have slipped through the cracks.  So, here’s a list of 10 UNcommon courtesies to think about, and discuss with your family.  This is NOT a definitive list.  But, it will hopefully get you to thinking.  Just imagine if everyone you greeted with a “Hi, how are you?”, responded with a “I’m well.  How are you (sir or ma’am)?”.    (And, actually CARED how you are doing.)   Instead, you probably commonly hear, “Tired” (or “fine”)… but that’s it.  So much, “it’s about me”, with no consideration for one another.  So, again, here’s a list of 10 things that we can all do to be just a little bit, well, better….We HOPE.

1-  Make your bed.  

When someone hosts you at their home, clean up after yourself.  Make your bed, and leave the space you occupy (even if it’s on the couch), better.

2-  Wash your dish(es).  

When someone hosts you at their home, and offers you food, again, be willing to wash your own dish.  Your host may refuse, and want to do that for you. Be a GRACIOUS and willing recipient to their kind gesture for sure.

3-  Don’t be a hog!  

When someone offers to cover the “check”, graciously THANK THEM!  Then, be conscientious of what you order. If someone else is picking up the tab, then DON’T order the most expensive item on the menu.  (Or only eat the top off of the pizza, or leave the crust because you “don’t like it”.)  THEN, after eating offer to get the tip.

4-  Eat it all.  

On the topic of your order.  Be sure, that if someone else is paying for your meal, as a gesture of “thanks”, reciprocate the gesture by NOT eating only one thing (say, only the meat), and leaving a huge portion of the meal uneaten.  If you aren’t hungry, then order something small. Don’t be wasteful.

5-  Be gracious.  

Don’t celebrate (when someone offers to buy for you)!  A courteous “you don’t have to do that, but THANK YOU”, is much better than…“Nice, since you’re paying, I’ll have the FILET MIGNON!”  

6-  Send a personal, handwritten “thank you”.   

Not a text. Not an email. Not a facebook post.  While all of these are very nice, and honestly encouraged, take the time to handwrite a note. It is truly becoming a lost art. 

7-  Appreciate your resource.  

If you are given access to another business’ clientele, (such as selling cookies, or some other fundraiser item to their customers) THANK the business.   If it was held in their facility, appreciate the use of space, and accommodations.  Appreciate their trust IN YOU!

8-  Acknowledge gestures of kindness.  

If someone holds the door for you, say “THANK YOU”.  If someone says “Thank you”, reciprocate with “you’re welcome”… and if you type it out… it’s “you’re” (as in “you are”) not “your” (which means you own the welcome, which doesn’t make sense.)  Gesture to those who WAIT in their car for you to walk across. JUST A small wave and smile. Don’t be an ostrich (head in the sand).  (Bonus-as you cross in front of the car…pick up your knees!  Move with a purpose.)

9-  Leave it better than you found it.  

If you see trash, pick it up. If you’re at the gym, use those wipes they provide, and clean off the equipment you use.  NEVER think, “that’s someone else’s job”.

10-  Make Your Own Bed.  

Seriously, if you don’t take care of that simple task to start your day, how do you expect to accomplish anything else big.  Little things, are big things.


Now, make a list of 5 small things that people have done for YOU that made a BIG impact.  Now, how can you pay it forward?