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September 2019

how to quit martial arts


Have you ever started something, loved it, gotten sick, missed 2 weeks, completely intent on starting back, and then 3 years later, you look back and wonder why you stopped? The graphic above shows how the conversation usually goes...   You're not alone!  It's ok.  You'd probably be surprised how many people you are training [...]

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new curriculum layout


As many of you are already aware, we have had some AMAZING new changes take place with the way we deliver our curriculum, and it has already had some tremendous results! That being said, we understand that there will undoubtedly be questions about the new striping system moving forward, and this should serve as a [...]

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August 2019

9 Ways Martial Arts Benefits Children


Martial Arts is a GREAT activity for Children Have you every heard anyone say, "don't misuse your soccer?"  Or, "be careful not to abuse your baseball?" This sounds silly, right?  Of course, it does. Martial arts IS different. Responsible, professional martial arts teaches a "code", and truly develops life skills on an entirely different level [...]

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