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September 2018

7 Safety Tips


These Holiday Shopping Tips aren't just for safety over the holidays.  They're tips to help you be more aware of your surroundings. Keys in Hand Rather than digging through your Mary Poppins purse (we all have one), have your keys in hand and ready to go.  Did you know that you can open ONLY the [...]

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August 2018

Other Ways to Ask How Was Your Day


  So, you ask your child, "How was your day?", after school every day... the response, without fail, "Fine."  Period.  As in you have to DRAG out of them what their day was like.  Grumpy faced, happy faced, the answer is the same, "Fine." We get it! So, here are some suggestions for you on [...]

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Back to School Safety Tips


Be Safe:  Back to School We’ve talked a lot about having the BEST SCHOOL YEAR EVER, and when this came across our email from our Home Security System, we wanted to be sure and share it with all of you.   Back to School Safety is so important.  Thank you to Protection1 Home Security for sharing [...]

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Who Makes You Mad?


Who Makes You Mad? Did fifteen people (or things) come to mind? Here's the thing:  No one MAKES you mad.  You choose to be mad. That's right.  It's not them.  It's you.  Anger is an emotion that we can either control, or allow it to control us, and who wants to be someone else's puppet? [...]

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July 2018

5 Tips to Avoid Bullying


How Can I Help My Child Avoid Bullying? This is the question EVERY parents desperately seeks the answer to. […]

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Best School Year Ever Pt 2


HOW ABOUT a 50% Discount? Click tab, then choose your location: Request More Info Offer expires, August 31st!  Don't wait.  

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what is team chip


What is Team Chip? Confession.  We own a lot of Team Chip apparel.  I mean, A LOT.  As in with the exception of church, we wear it every day.  And, on any given day, we are asked, “What is Team Chip?”   How do we answer that?  Seems simple, right?  We are a professional martial arts [...]

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have your best school year ever pt 1


Want to Have Your Best School Year Ever? This is Part 1 of our 5 Part Series leading up to the #bestschoolyearever. The first few weeks of school are typically pretty smooth.  Everything is new, but once the excitement wears off, issues can arise.  So, what are things to share with your children to help [...]

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Team Chip on ESPN


Check out Team Chip on ESPN These days, the phrase "world class", or "world famous" is thrown around constantly.  Everywhere you go it's the BEST hamburger, WORLD Famous wings, or WORLD CLASS martial arts instruction.  We take labels like that seriously here at Team Chip.  If we're going to claim it, there had better be [...]

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