Be Safe:  Back to School

We’ve talked a lot about having the BEST SCHOOL YEAR EVER, and when this came across our email from our Home Security System, we wanted to be sure and share it with all of you.  

Back to School Safety is so important.  Thank you to Protection1 Home Security for sharing this.  We have added a few.  

It’s time to put away the swimming suits and load up your backpacks for another school year.  Starting classes is an exciting time—and we’ve put together a few safety tips to help make sure it stays a safe time.

School Bus Safety

  • Students waiting for a bus should stay five steps away from the curb.
  • Always wait for the bus driver to tell them when to board and to face forward after finding their seat on the bus.
  • Stay seated on the school bus.  Be sure you are watching for your bus stop.
  • When exiting the bus, students should look left-right-left, and take five steps away from the bus toward the curb.

Walking Safety

  • Students should use the sidewalk whenever possible, and if there isn’t a sidewalk, walk on the edge of the street facing traffic.
  • When walking, put away your electronics.  Don’t be distracted on a cell phone, or have both headphones / earbuds in, thus taking away your ability to hear oncoming cars, or any other potential dangers.
  • Students should use crosswalks whenever they are available and look left-right-left before crossing any street.

Biking Safety

  • Students should always wear a helmet and securely fasten their chin strap.
  • They should ride in the same direction as the traffic and follow traffic signs and signals.
  • When riding, stay in the bike lane whenever possible or use the sidewalk, keeping an eye out for pedestrians.

Resource:  Protection1 Home Security