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February 2019

How do I encourage practice


How do I get my child to practice at home? “How do I get my child to practice at home?” is a question I commonly hear, and not just from “new” parents or students. It’s a conundrum that plagues all parents and students. When asked, my response is mundane in its simplicity: make practice a [...]

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August 2018

Other Ways to Ask How Was Your Day


  So, you ask your child, "How was your day?", after school every day... the response, without fail, "Fine."  Period.  As in you have to DRAG out of them what their day was like.  Grumpy faced, happy faced, the answer is the same, "Fine." We get it! So, here are some suggestions for you on [...]

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July 2018

5 Tips to Avoid Bullying


How Can I Help My Child Avoid Bullying? This is the question EVERY parents desperately seeks the answer to. […]

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have your best school year ever pt 1


Want to Have Your Best School Year Ever? This is Part 1 of our 5 Part Series leading up to the #bestschoolyearever. The first few weeks of school are typically pretty smooth.  Everything is new, but once the excitement wears off, issues can arise.  So, what are things to share with your children to help [...]

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June 2018

When You Feel Like Quitting


What to do When You Feel Like Quitting You've seen the statistics;  1 in 10,000 students who begin training in a martial arts school, continue training and earn their black belt.  So, what's up with that?  Martial arts teaches respect, discipline, confidence, perseverance;  the list goes on and on.  So, why in the world would [...]

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What are You Doing This Summer?


Take advantage of our Summer Special. Don't wait.  Request more info today!  One of our friendly staff members will contact you to assist you in starting your journey at Team Chip. [zenplanner_button url="Request Info" background="#ef342d" color="#f9f8f8" icon="" title="Request More Info"]Request More Info[/zenplanner_button]   Team Chip:  Empowering people since 1984.

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April 2015

Come on, look around people…


This list has been spurred by the countless number of times that my children, at the coaching of myself and my wife, have simply held doors for people in public, and not received a "thank you" or for that matter even been looked at as the person walks by. From the time my son could [...]

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January 2015

Never Hear Don’t Want to Go


  Want to know the trick? Does this sound familiar? "My child loves ____________ (fill in the blank), but every time it's time to go, they whine and say they 'don't want to gooooo.'   Once we get to _______________ (again, fill in the blank), they love it, but the battle to get them there... it's [...]

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August 2014



The topic for today stems from a facebook post that brought on a share, and it's really a little convoluted.  However, all of that is to say that the initial thought came from someone else.    "That makes about as much sense as 'Okay son, I think it's a really good idea for you to [...]