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September 2018

7 Safety Tips


These Holiday Shopping Tips aren't just for safety over the holidays.  They're tips to help you be more aware of your surroundings. Keys in Hand Rather than digging through your Mary Poppins purse (we all have one), have your keys in hand and ready to go.  Did you know that you can open ONLY the [...]

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July 2018

what is team chip


What is Team Chip? Confession.  We own a lot of Team Chip apparel.  I mean, A LOT.  As in with the exception of church, we wear it every day.  And, on any given day, we are asked, “What is Team Chip?”   How do we answer that?  Seems simple, right?  We are a professional martial arts [...]

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May 2018

Five Questions


FIVE QUESTIONS Ben Zoma, you've heard of him, right?  Yes, no, maybe....  We stumbled across this wisdom from Zoma.  Can you guess when it was written?  Read on for more: One of the pieces of writing this teacher was know for contains 5 questions.  These are: 1. Who is a wise person?   Answer:  One [...]

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April 2018

martial arts training fends off home invasion


Martial Arts Training Fends off Potential Home Invasion As a professional martial arts academy, our mission is to "empower people through the pursuit of personal martial arts excellence..."  So often, we find ourselves educating our students, and non-martial artists, about the ancillary benefits of martial arts training, then we glaze over the obvious benefits of:  [...]

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Martial Arts is Not a Sport: CHAMPION

2018-04-05T13:16:24+00:00 Martial arts is not a sport. Hey guys, I'm Chip Townsend. Who is a Champion? A champion is the person that owns their results.  They own their results! You're not always gonna get first place. I know you're thinking, but you said there's no second place Well, we all know that when you're [...]

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March 2018

Martial Arts is NOT a Sport, round 3: 2nd Place…

2018-03-05T16:05:48+00:00 Martial arts is NOT a sport. Hey guys. My name is Chip Townsend! You know one of the best pieces of advice, that I think, my instructor ever gave me was this: We were all on the mat, and we were between training sets. We were talking about who got what place at [...]

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February 2018

Martial Arts is NOT a Sport, Round 2: Benchwarmers

2018-02-20T13:58:41+00:00 Martial arts is not a sport! Hey guys, I'm Chip Townsend Failure on the martial art's mat is NOT a ticket to the bench. There are NO benchwarmers in Martial Arts Failure on the mat is an OPPORTUNITY to learn It's a ticket to learn something We're grooming champions We're grooming champions [...]

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Martial Arts is NOT a Sport: There is NO Expiration

2018-02-13T12:04:02+00:00   Martial Arts is NOT a Sport Hey guys, I'm Chip Townsend I'm here to tell you there is no expiration date. What? There is no expiration date. You know, "I used to play football"; "I used to play tennis"; "I used to be an awesome baseball guy" I AM a Martial Artist! There is no expiration [...]

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