September 2019

how to quit martial arts


Have you ever started something, loved it, gotten sick, missed 2 weeks, completely intent on starting back, and then 3 years later, you look back and wonder why you stopped? The graphic above shows how the conversation usually goes...   You're not alone!  It's ok.  You'd probably be surprised how many people you are training [...]

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new curriculum layout


As many of you are already aware, we have had some AMAZING new changes take place with the way we deliver our curriculum, and it has already had some tremendous results! That being said, we understand that there will undoubtedly be questions about the new striping system moving forward, and this should serve as a [...]

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August 2018

Back to School Safety Tips


Be Safe:  Back to School We’ve talked a lot about having the BEST SCHOOL YEAR EVER, and when this came across our email from our Home Security System, we wanted to be sure and share it with all of you.   Back to School Safety is so important.  Thank you to Protection1 Home Security for sharing [...]

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July 2018

Best School Year Ever Pt 2


HOW ABOUT a 50% Discount? Click tab, then choose your location: [zenplanner_button url="Request Info" background="#ef342d" color="#f9f8f8" icon="https://ktxs101686.wpengine.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/453/2018/04/Team-Chip-Custom-Icon-3.png" title="Request More Info"]Request More Info[/zenplanner_button] Offer expires, August 31st!  Don't wait.  

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have your best school year ever pt 1


Want to Have Your Best School Year Ever? This is Part 1 of our 5 Part Series leading up to the #bestschoolyearever. The first few weeks of school are typically pretty smooth.  Everything is new, but once the excitement wears off, issues can arise.  So, what are things to share with your children to help [...]

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May 2018

Five Questions


FIVE QUESTIONS Ben Zoma, you've heard of him, right?  Yes, no, maybe....  We stumbled across this wisdom from Zoma.  Can you guess when it was written?  Read on for more: One of the pieces of writing this teacher was know for contains 5 questions.  These are: 1. Who is a wise person?   Answer:  One [...]

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April 2018

Martial Arts is Not a Sport: CHAMPION


  https://youtu.be/WW6Pj7Ylrj0 Martial arts is not a sport. Hey guys, I'm Chip Townsend. Who is a Champion? A champion is the person that owns their results.  They own their results! You're not always gonna get first place. I know you're thinking, but you said there's no second place Well, we all know that when you're [...]

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January 2018

Are you a GOOD FINDER?


Take a minute.  Look around the room you are in.  Find everything in the room that is red.  Did you find several things?  Great.  You didn't play?   Seriously.  Do it.  Now, close your eyes.  List all of the things that you saw that were BLUE....  Now, you're probably thinking, but you asked for things that [...]

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What is Your Autograph Worth


Would you pay $650,000 for a $9.99 baseball? Someone did. How about $1.1 million for a pair of boxing gloves? No, what about $4.4 million for a baseball jersey? If you're thinking someone needs some serious financial advise, maybe even some coupon clipping, you wouldn't be alone. If I told you the baseball was the [...]

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January 2016



????????Resolutions? To quote one of our AWESOME students... "I'm so ready to get back. I feel like a marshmallow!"  Yep, we know what you mean.  Time off can actually kickstart your motivation AND metabolism. Now, let's go! FIVE Tricks to Make Your Resolution Stick: (1) Write them down There's something about putting a goal to [...]