First Belt Testing Questions

So, you’ve taken that step onto the mat.  You have your awesome new “karate pajamas”, and your nifty white belt.  But, what’s next?  Here are the answers to your FIRST BELT TESTING QUESTIONS.

(Be sure to check out the graphic above.  Many of your questions may be answered there.)

Class Training

At each belt level, there are minimum class training requirements.  For White Belt, it is 8.  Most other color belt ranks, must obtain 25 class credits.  This requirement moves to 50 class credits as the student is getting closer to achieving their Black Belt.


Stripes are earned for 4 MAIN AREAS:  Forms, One Step Sparring, Kickboxing, and Self Defense.

Intent to Promote

At each Testing, each student must submit a completed Notice of Intent to Promote

Don’t wait.  Pick up at your Team Chip location, and fill out early in the Testing Cycle.

Martial artists are not only skilled on the mat, they also take the concepts of humility, courtesy, integrity, self control, and perseverance into their daily lives.   This is WHY we require a CHORES LIST, and the Intent to Promote Form.

Chores Lists are explained in the graphic above.  How many?  Five if age 5, ten if age 10, etc.

Signed Testing Sheet

Testing Sheets are required for each student.  Those are picked up at the front desk.  Each Testing Sheet must be signed off by an Instructor.  This step is in place to help ensure successful performance at the Belt Testing, and is an accountability piece for the instructor, and the student.

Belt Ceremony

Immediately following each Belt Testing, we hold a special ceremony to highlight the accomplishments of those who will be promoting to the next level.  We do this after the Testing, rather than days or weeks later, to allow families the opportunity to see the students’ achievements,  and celebrate with them.   Certificates of Rank are available for those who would like one.  In an effort to be conscious of waste, we are now printing them at the Student’s request.

Is it possible to fail Belt Testing?  Yes.  Despite many check-points, stripes, and check-off’s, it does happen.  Rarely, but yes, it is a possibility.  Just “showing up” does not equal successfully passing your Belt Testing.   All skills and techniques must be implemented and demonstrated with proficiency, and strong effort.

If you have additional questions, email our HQ Program Director at