Martial arts is not a sport.

Hey guys, I’m Chip Townsend.

Who is a Champion?

A champion is the person that owns their results.  They own their results!

You’re not always gonna get first place.

I know you’re thinking, but you said there’s no second place

Well, we all know that when you’re on the mat

and you’re coming up and you’re growing

sometimes in a competition, not in the real world, but in a competition you’re gonna get second place.

So who is a champion?

A champion is the person that goes out there, and they lay it all on the line.

They leave nothing on the table.

And that’s one of the powerful things about martial arts,

that we groom into these people all the time.

If you go out there, and you get fifth place, and you poured yourself out, and you crawled off the mat,

And that was the best you had and you earned it guess who you are today?

A champion!

But if you walk off that mat with doubt, of

I could have trained a little harder, I could have gone to class a little more

I could have put forth a little bit more effort!

Maybe you’re not a champion today.

The champion is the one who owns their results,

And they also do not blame…

the coaches, the referees, the umpires.

It’s nobody else’s fault.

That’s a champion!

The one who leaves nothing on the table,

the one who drives the hardest to the finish line,

the one who blames nobody,

and owns their results.

That’s another reason…

Martial Arts is NOT a Sport!