Martial arts is NOT a sport.

Hey guys. My name is Chip Townsend!

You know one of the best pieces of advice, that I think, my instructor ever gave me was this:

We were all on the mat, and we were between training sets. We were talking about who got what place at the tournament last weekend.  I vividly remember my instructor, like 5 foot nothing, walking up to me and looking at me and saying: “2nd place!  There is no second place!  There is no second place out there on the street. 2nd place is dead boy!” Those were his words to me.

I thought, “Wow!”  What an eye opener for me….He had truly had to fight to survive as a young man.  What a perspective!

So, we’re not here as martial arts instructors to train you to get second place.

We’re here to train you to be the best that you can be. To prepare you for anything that comes anytime, anywhere.

It makes me think of this old saying:

“It’s better to be a warrior in a garden,

than a gardener in a war”

So, think on that.

And remember, Martial Arts is NOT a sport!