Martial Arts Training Fends off Potential Home Invasion

As a professional martial arts academy, our mission is to “empower people through the pursuit of personal martial arts excellence…”  So often, we find ourselves educating our students, and non-martial artists, about the ancillary benefits of martial arts training, then we glaze over the obvious benefits of:  Self-defense and self-protection. Yes, we commonly ask the question, “If your training saves your life, how much is that worth to you?”  Priceless, right?   However, this isn’t always the first benefit we highlight.   Without true self- defense, real martial arts, the rest is pointless. 


The Point of Martial Arts

Now, speaking of “true self-defense”, last week we received a message from a previous student (trained as a kid, now a young adult) who did in fact have to use his training.  This family moved from Team Chip approximately 8-10 years ago. Keep in mind, they live in a beautiful affluent neighborhood (likely a place, that in our mind, we would think something like, “this would never happen to me here”). Here’s the message we received (shared with permission):

“Hi, Chip.

My TKD skills finally came to practical use tonight!  This guy came up to our front door and grabbed my mom by the hair and head as he was at our door pulling on the front handle.  

I attempted to break the chokehold to no luck, so I did one-step #21 and literally body-slammed him to the ground and held him in place in a choke until the police arrived.  He was attempting to pry me off of him and come back at me.”

Lessons Learned

Some lessons to take home from this experience:

  1. TRAIN like you only get one shot…ever.
  2. MUSCLE MEMORY is really…really important.
  3. STAY CALM in the heat of the moment.
  4. Have multiple “WEAPONS” in your arsenal.
  5. NEVER STOP fighting.
  6. Your child, in our classes, may SAVE YOUR LIFE some day.
  7. Your martial arts training is TIMELESS.
  8. Your martial arts training is PRICELESS.

Wow.  Just, WOW!  We hear about this kind of stuff happening.  But, not to us; not to someone we know! Well, it sure does AND this is WHY we do what we do.

So, proud of our past student (who will always be a part of the Team Chip family). 

ARE YOU READY FOR WAR?  If not, get on the mat, train hard!