As many of you are already aware, we have had some AMAZING new changes take place with the way we deliver our curriculum, and it has already had some tremendous results! That being said, we understand that there will undoubtedly be questions about the new striping system moving forward, and this should serve as a basis to answer many of the questions we know will be asked. 



  • When will testings be held for purple tips? For new belts?


  • Purple tips and belt testings will be held at the same time on the same day, every 6 weeks. Some students will be testing for purple tips while others will be testing for new belts. This will give those students who are not quite ready at this 6-week testing to have another opportunity in 6 weeks to test, as opposed to 12 weeks. 



  • I/we can’t make the purple tip testing. Will there be a make-up testing for the purple tip testings, or will I/my child have to wait another six weeks to test?


  • There will be make-up testings for both purple tips and belt testings the week after testing, to be done with the head instructor during your or your child’s next class. This will avoid anyone having to travel to other locations or waiting several weeks to do a make-up tip and/or belt testing



  • I/my child was not quite ready to test for a purple tip/new belt. Do I still remove my stripes the following week?


  • Yes. The purpose of the stripe removal is to keep everyone on the same material, working together. This by no means diminishes the work a student has put in to earn those stripes, but rather allows for everyone to start the new cycle with a “fresh start” mentality. This also allows for the instructors to know precisely where each student is at in their training for that cycle, and to not have unfair expectations for the students.



  • When will stripe weeks be held?


  • Stripe weeks will now be on weeks 3 and 6 of the given A/B cycle. 



  • I/my child was not ready to test for a new belt at the most recent belt testing. Will I/my child have to remove the purple tip at the start of the next week?


  • No. Purple tips will stay regardless of whether you or your child is ready to belt test at that testing. 



  • Will there be an additional fee associated with purple tip testing, and if so, how much will it be?


  • There will not be a testing fee associated with the purple tip testing. The testing fees for belt testings will remain the same. 



  • Will I/my child have to know all the material from both Cycle A and Cycle B in order to belt test?


  • No. Only the material for the current A/B cycle will be tested on in the testing. 



Written by Kyle Johnson

Chief Instructor, Team Chip Martial Arts, San Angelo

Chief Instructor, Team Chip San Angelo, Kyle Johnson