I don’t know about you all, but when this quote popped up, I couldn’t stop thinking about what it is that I am creating that WILL LIVE FOREVER.  I’ve heard it said that the greatest thing you do may be the people you raise. Right now, many of us are spending way more time at home with what we say are our biggest treasures.  Are we treating them like they are? Are we showing them courage, strength, and perseverance? 

Are we instilling in them, characteristics that will guide them in their lives long after we are gone?  

While this quote may have been geared towards creating a work or art, I see it as a parenting challenge.  As a matter of fact, my children are not only a work of art, but an absolute gift. In stressful, uncertain times, do I remind them of that?  

Think of it like this, in 30 years, when your children are telling their grandchildren about 2020, how will they tell it?  Will they talk about the ingenuity, determination, and grit their parents demonstrated?  

We are in this together.  It’s the same but different for us all.  Some are working extra to keep the lights on.  That’s a challenge. Some are working less or not at all, and fearful of not being able to pay the light bill.  That’s a challenge, too. The point is, while the fears and uncertainty are not identical, the thing that IS the same is the opportunity to overcome, even through the fears.  It’s what keeps us pushing and going every day. The opportunity for our children to SEE us be determined, level-headed. If life was going “as usual”, they would be at school, we would be at work, and we would not have this incredible opportunity to leave in them character traits and abilities that will impact the world.